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Cindy Lintel
President and creator BG & Company
"Our videographers wife wound up in labor the morning of our shoot, and luckily Steve Credo stepped right in to film our video. Not only was he up for and willing to do the work, Steve was professional, understood exactly what we needed to accomplish, and made us feel at ease during the filming. Steve edited the piece beautifully with music, fading scenes in and out, and put our video together giving us a polished and professional product."
Reggie Osterhoudt
Director of Programming & Operations, Neversink Media Group
"Steve Credo Media has been handling all of our graphic work for my set of radio stations. In a business where everything needed to be done yesterday, the turnaround is so quick. It’s like Steve is in my head - every piece of work is exactly what I was thinking. I’d recommend Steve Credo Media."
Jessica Klee
JLK productions
"Steve shot multiple scenes for Steve Cohen's music video, in my recording studio in the summer of 2013. Working with Mr Credo has been an absolute pleasure. He is a talented individual with a strong working knowledge in video production. He completed the video with professionalism in every aspect of the production, including concept, scripting, storyboard, the film shoot and all editing. He brought to the project strong organizational skills and managed the entire production very well. I would work with Steve again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him for anyone looking for professional results."
Vanessa Ahern
Founder Hudson Valley Good Stuff
"I have hired Steve Credo for different graphic design projects since starting my blog in 2009. He has been someone I can count on to deliver awesome looking graphics in a short amount of time. He is patient and nice guy to work with!"



Steve Cohen
Wappingers Falls, NY
"Hiring Steve Credo to take my photos and shoot my music video was one of the best decisions I've ever made. His quality of work is outstanding. He provided me not only with a great finished product but also with an extremely comfortable work environment. He is willing to listen to your ideas and makes sure you are absolutely satisfied with his work. I am looking forward to working with Steve again!"​



Nicole Philippi
Beacon, NY

"Thank you for making this so easy, for being so easy to work with, for giving us such an unbelievable deal, for delivering absolutely stunning photos. You gave us priceless photos that we'll cherish forever. That sounds so cliche and sappy, but it's true, childhood is such a magical time that goes by so so quickly, the girls are changing and growing so fast... a true photographer can capture that moment in time, capture the magic, capture the personality, capture the beauty, capture this moment, and you so did. I’m so relieved I have an alternative to the stressful jcpenney studio where you get ten minute sessions, wrinkled sheet backgrounds, and fake, toothy-grin smiles"
Tara Lynn Wagner
Bronxville, NY

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Steve Credo's photographs of my daughter left me absolutely speechless. Steve made the shoot fun and relaxed both for her and for us and as a result I got images that many friends have referred to as "works of art" (and rightfully so). Steve captured not only her sweet smile but every other adorable face she makes. More than that, he captured a moment in time -- perfectly preserving her curious, happy little one year old personality for me to look back on as she continues to change before my eyes. Creatively composed, masterfully edited, the photos are more amazing than I could have hoped. I will treasure these images forever."


Karen San Giacomo
St. Philips Academy
Newark, NJ

"We hired Steve for a second time for our Annual Report photos because we were so blown away by the quality of his work.  It takes a special kind of person to work with and photograph children well, and Steve is absolutely that person with an abundance of patience and a great sense of humor. The enjoyment our students and teachers had in working with him truly came through in the beautiful photos we received. Steve is professional, honest and extremely creative.  I will definitely hire him again next year."


​Colleen Cappon
Watertown, NY

"When my fiancé and I talked about getting engagement photos taken, we were uneasy about it, because we are the self acclaimed least photogenic couple ever. In almost 10 years of dating, we have only managed to get a handful of pictures where one of us doesn’t look drunk or immensely overweight. Steve Credo’s approach was casual enough that we didn’t feel nervous, but professional enough that we felt confident that the end product was going to be great—and it really was. Steve took all our requests for certain poses and locations and had many other great suggestions. We really loved the way the pictures came out and picked a perfect shot for our save-the-dates. Everyone that saw them was truly crazy about them. We felt we got much more than we paid for!"


​Danielle Silva
St. Philips Academy
Newark, NJ

"St. Philips Academy was looking for a skilled photographer to capture the spirit of our school. At St. Philips were constantly in motion. Whether its participating in intramurals, planting on our rooftop garden, or simply in class; our students can be difficult to photograph. Steve was amazing. With a  professional manner, and an eye for detail, he was able to capture every aspect of our school and students; exceeding our expectations. Steve was a pleasure to work with, and was incredibly attentive to all our needs! Were looking forward to working with him again!"
​Carrie Welch
Beacon, NY

"I'm a very critical person, ESPECIALLY when it comes to when I decided to get pregnancy pictures to be able to give my child later in life, I was very skeptical on how they'd turn out. Knowing this, Steve took the time to make them as perfect as he could, by listening to my thoughts and collaborating them with his own. I can say that I am very pleased with my pictures and so excited to show my little one when she's older! :)"


​Carleigh Koren
Poughkeepsie, NY

"I have two girls and the older is getting pretty patient with waiting for the 2 1/2 year old to settle in for pictures, but as the energy of the younger one grows continually, it has become harder to get photos of the two of them. Not any longer, we had Steve come to the house and within 20 minutes had a load of memorable and gorgeous photos! He captured candid moments that made perfect pictures! The store photographers wait for the "perfect pose" from their manual, but Steve simply captured life in motion, and with kids, life is always in motion! The end product was stunning and has provided us with snapshots of the perfect expressions and most importantly my girls in action! Thank you for the wonderful outcome!"
Michael Macedonia
Ossining, NY

"We got our engagement photos done by Steve and my fiance and I are very happy that we did. The quality of the pictures were incredible.  He was so easy to work with and really made us feel comfortable. He had ideas, we had ideas and he really went out of his way to work with us to get the shots we wanted. The whole experience was void of stress and I cannot recommend Steve Credo Media enough.Thanks again SCM"
Kristen Potts
Middletown, NY

"I was a girl looking for someone to take the perfect picture of me as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. I was hesitant at first to do this at all because in my search for the perfect photographer I found that most of the photographers I looked into would not listen to me. I had a vision that I wanted and no one could understand that, until I hired Steve Credo. He was very open to my ideas, and in fact had many great ideas of his own. Steve was very professional, yet he creates a very relaxed environment where I felt comfortable. I did not feel like I was having my picture taken at all! The way he communicated with me felt like we were old friends and he knew exactly what I wanted. When it came to pricing, I expected to pay a lot, but was pleasantly surprised! Steves Prices fit right into my budget and needless to say, they did not break the bank! When I saw the outcome of the photos I was ecstatic! I feel I have never looked so beautiful in my life, and my boyfriend was more than happy!
~ Thanks again Steve!!!"
​Denisha Goodman and Rich McSpirit
New Paltz, NY

"My husband and I were fortunate enough to have acquired the videography services of SCM for our wedding. Steve and Mike were professional and courteous through the entire process. They customized our video package to exactly what we wanted. The video was nothing less than perfect. They captured every moment that was important to us while continuing to provide the best quality out there."
​Melissa Slack
Newburgh, NY

"I quickly needed a passionate project captured on film with an extremely genuine and approachable feel to it. The first and only person for the job was Steve Credo. Not only did he do exactly what I wanted, but edited and enhanced the piece to a new level of excellence! Steven is as friendly, artistic, and punctual as one can be. He is the real deal. If you or a loved one is looking to turn a precious or purposeful moment into an endless memory on film or in photos, Steve Credo Media is your supreme answer."
​Jessica Mulvihill
Hoboken, NJ

"I wanted to make something really special for my younger brother to mark the occasion of a very important honor he was receiving. So I gathered up years of memories, and decided to make a photo montage set to music that we could play as a surprise at the ceremony. But one of the best decisions I made was hiring Steve Credo to bring my vision to life. He listened to my ideas and communicated his own thoughts and concerns effectively  and even though we were pressed for time, there was no compromise in quality or fair pricing. As a person who works in the television/media industry, I can honestly say that in my experience, the creativity and professionalism evident in the appearance of the final product was at a level unmatched by other private media companies."
​Karlie Pouliot
Warwick, NY

"My dads 60th birthday was fast approaching and I was running out of ideas for a gift  but I knew I wanted it to be memorable so I called my mom and asked her to send me a bunch of pictures that represented his life from the time he was born up until now. I contacted Steve Credo and let him know that I wanted to do a video collage. I gave him a few song suggestions and let him use his creativity from there  and what I ended up with was amazing. Needless to say  when we played the video during his birthday bash  people were laughing and crying all at the same time  and I got so many compliments from people saying What an amazing video  who did that   We loved it. My dad was also insistent that I gave him the address of the editor so he could send him a thank you card. Whether its for a birthday or a wedding or another special event  SCM is the vendor you should choose.  Many thanks!"
​Elizabeth Simons
Stormville, NY

  "I have an 8 year old nephew and an 11 year old niece and it is extremely difficult to get really good, NICE pictures of them, because they are active, dramatic, and 100% kids. I asked Steve to take some pictures of them while we were at the beach because I've seen how talented he is with photography. He completely surpassed any expectations I had! He captured my niece's real smile and my nephew's personality in individual photo's, and then managed to capture a child's carefree outlook on life and their love of the beach with the two of them jumping at the water's edge. My entire family LOVES this photo so much, I had it blown up and gave it to my sister for christmas!. Thanks so much Steve for giving us beautiful pictures to save the memories of our loved ones and our second home."
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