With over 18 years of experience in the media industry, I provide a wide variety of multimedia services, including video production, directing, producing, editing, digital photography, photo restoration, graphic design, and web design.

As the manager for Fox News Digital’s highly skilled video production team, which included videographers, editors, and animators, I spearheaded the production of short-form features, news segments, and sponsored series. I handled the scheduling of studios, video productions, and edit sessions as well as maintaining all video and editing equipment to ensure optimal functionality.

In addition to producing, shooting, editing, and packaging content for national TV, digital media, and international audiences, I also trained and mentored new employees, including interns and freelancers, on how to do the same.

I have also interviewed celebrities, sports figures, politicians, CEOs, and everyday people to develop daily original video for FoxNews.com and FoxBusiness.com.

Specialties: Management, Producing, Post Production, Directing, Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Storytelling