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As a seasoned media professional, I bring extensive experience in digital content creation and management, as well as a dedication to journalistic excellence.

At the United States Military Academy, I developed creative concepts for Academic leadership, its NCAA athletic programs, and the United States Army. Creating short-form content, promotional videos, music videos, national commercials, multi-camera live streams, and podcasts, resulting in three Emmy Award nominations for the projects I contributed to.

During my tenure at FOX, I led a highly skilled multimedia production team, overseeing scheduling, studio operations, and on-location productions while mentoring new hires, interns, and freelancers. Additionally, I contributed creatively both independently and collaboratively, filming and editing various productions across domains such as news, politics, pop culture, and technology, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, I conducted interviews with a diverse array of figures, from celebrities to CEOs.

I have refined my creative storytelling skills throughout my career to produce compelling narratives that resonate with any audience. My experiences at the United States Military Academy and FOX have equipped me to seamlessly deliver content through audio-visual mediums preparing me to make significant contributions to any role I undertake.

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